Michael Towers
My Story
From my pain came a purpose

Growing up I believed that if I was a poker hand folding was my best option. As a child of two divorced alcoholics, I was 8 times more likely of becoming an alcoholic, and I was certain to struggle with a number of mental health issues as well. Having an alcoholic father who drove me and my sister around drunk all the time, had me in a constant state of fear. The way my father drank, I never knew whether my he was going make it through the day alive. This made me angry. I was angry at my father, and angry at alcoholism. Acting out was the way I coped. I was in trouble throughout grade school. In the 8th grade I was suspended 23 times. I was in and out of therapists offices, and had no idea what was wrong with me.

I managed to graduate high school, despite the fact that children from divorced home are 50% more likely to drop out. In the fall of 1995 I headed to college. I discovered rather quickly that alcoholism had been passed down. 3 years and only 67 credits later, I dropped out of college. I started getting into a lot of trouble, had trouble holding a job, and I couldn't have been farther from my dreams. It was like I was on a stairway to nowhere. A popular song had a line in it that said, "Times are hard getting harder, I'm born to lose and destined to fail." What a sad thing to feel that way about myself. I was completely defeated. How dark it is before the dawn. I hit my knees and said a simple prayer... "God please help me." God came in like a flood. He washed away my despair, and filled me with hope.

I returned to college and earned two degrees graduating magna cum laude. With a degree in counseling, I have been a part of the healing process for many alcoholics and drug addicts. I'v been able to work with troubled youth, struggling with mental disorder, much like I did. I have had the opportunity to speak to numerous colleges, various rehabs, prisons, and youth detention centers. I have achieved career success, and get to do what I love to do. I have an amazing wife, 2 beautiful dogs, and have a life beyond my wildest dreams!

My mission is to use my experience, strength, and hope to guide people into living their best lives. Whether it's speaking, counseling, or educating my passion is to empower men, women, students, and troubled youth with the skills needed to achieve every goal, and to realize their dreams. My greatest reward is when they pass it on to someone else...... Let's speak of YOUR success!!!

At Speaking of Your Success your success is our mission.

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