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Michael Towers
August 6, 2019

Less than 50% of college students graduate with a four-year degree in five years.

My college experience, wow what a story!

I got a 3.3 in high school. I got 1100 on the SAT’s. And I didn’t have any doubts approaching my freshman year of college in 1995 that I would have any problems. Freedom was one of the best parts of college. I could choose whether I went to school or not. Freedom to party and drink and not have to come home to parents and explain anything that I was doing. What I didn’t know going into Frostburg State University in 1995 was that I wasn’t mature enough to handle that freedom.

Reasons Students Fail

Drinking, Partying, Immaturity, Mental Disorder, Poor Prioritization, Unhealthy Relationships

I don’t want you to let drinking change the trajectory of your college path. I don’t want your college experience to go from four years to five years or even worse because of alcohol.

I have been in front of so many principles… judges…

I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I had no idea. I didn’t know what bipolar was. I didn’t know that I had a drinking problem that once I started drinking, something had to get in the way of my drinking or it wouldn’t stop. Once I took a drink, I never took another sip and then said you know what, I need to circle back and do my statistics work. Or you know what, I have a paper to write.

You are here to accomplish a goal, that’s to earn a high wage, doing what you love to do. Don’t take more time to do it or worse yet, quit because of alcohol.

I didn’t know all these things were going to take me down equally. And I didn’t realize that college wasn’t going to take me four years, that I wasn’t going to graduate in five years. I didn’t know that I was going to get a 1.9 GPA over six years, take two full medical withdrawals and drop out of college altogether. I didn’t think it was going to take me 17 years to earn my associates degree and my bachelors degree.

College can take four years, or it can take seventeen years, it’s up to you! You can pay for classes. Pass them the first time. Flunk them, spend the money, waste time, and then pay again. It’s up to you.

There is help!

Students with a bachelor's degree earn 60% more than people that don’t have a bachelor's degree. That makes this a business. Everywhere I go and everywhere that you go. Most importantly, the students that I want to try to reach wherever they go. They will encounter people that hate what they are doing for a living. Hate the choices that they have made, and everyday give up. Hate going to where they are going to work. I say that is spiritual suicide. These students, students that are in that seat, because they are in that seat, they have a textbook, have a class, they have a choice, and it starts right now.

So the most significant qualification that I can give is that I have accomplished the thing you wanted to accomplish, that you are trying to accomplish and I did so with great success.

So I decided what I wanted to do was I wanted to spend the next ten years of my life going from campus to campus telling students that they don’t have to drop out and help is here. I want to help them understand, that no matter what they can achieve their dreams and earn their college degree.

At Speaking of Your Success your success is our mission.

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