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An Exceptional Leader CARES

An Exceptional Leader C.A.R.E.S. educates leaders on strategies that can transform the workplace into a healthy and supportive environment so your people will thrive! The mental health of your employees matters and putting these principles into action will improve their mental health!
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Extreme Mental Health Makeover

Extreme Mental Health Makeover equips leaders with the principles to cultivate a workplace that promotes mental wellness. When infected by a toxic company culture, poor leadership, and little support the organization is contagious and is making their people sick. I have the prescription!  
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Person-Centered Leadership

Person-Centered Leadership initiates leaders with the principals to get the utmost from their employees, for the company's highest. Building strong relationships with your people by being authentic, accepting, and understanding results in less burnout, and their mental health will improve.
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From Diagnosis To Degree

Partying, mental health issues, unhealthy relationships, and poor prioritization are all reasons that students struggle. I know, because those are the reasons It took me 17 years to earn my degree. I want to use my story to engage, educate, and inspire students so that nothing will stop them.
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Mental Health Programs That Empower Leaders
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